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Three Arrows Capitol Succumbs

Now Babel Finance Suspends Withdrawals

❄ Celsius Below Freezing ❄

Schedules AMA Then Cancels Last Minute

Inflation Hits 40 Year High

SEC To Target DEX's

Building on Bitcoin With Catenis

Is The Bottom In?

deVere Calls 4th Quarter Bull Run

Motley Fool: Bitcoin Is A No Brainer Investment

Senator Lummis To Unveil Bill To Integrate Crypto Into US Financial System

Greyscale To Become Spot ETF? July 6 Decision Looms

🤡 10 Shitcoins Predicted To Overtake BTC

🤡 Bitcoin: Unstable And Useless

Russia Continuing To Examine Crypto As Currency Option

Solving Bitcoin's Noise Issue

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Doesn't Belong In Your IRA

Saylor, Dorsey, & Fidelity Defend Bitcoin In Letter To EPA

How Bitcoin Should Upgraded In The Future

Tesla Delivers Megapacks To Mining Facility

Cambridge University Releases Study On Global Bitcoin Mining

Texas Pacific Land Corp Announces BTC Mining Venture

Dont Trust Mining Data From China

IMF Forces Argentina To Take Anti-Bitcoin Stance

Banks Banned From Offering BTC Services

Elizabeth Warren 🤡 Worried About How YOU Invest YOUR Money

Senator Responds By Proposing Bill To Protect BTC

Cubans Flock To Bitcoin

Currency Of Last Resort: Bitcoins Humanitarian Value

13.1 Trillion Settled In Bitcoin Last Year – Thats 20% More Than Visa Network

Miner Letter To EPA

Goldman Sachs Offers Its First Bitcoin Backed Loan

Panama To Legalize Bitcoin

Another Week, Another Quantum Computing Article

What Is The Actual BTC Adoption In El Salvador?

Beginning Of A Municipal Arms Race?

While NY Instead Chooses To Ban PoW

Proof Of Work Vs Proof Of Stake

Fidelity To Add Bitcoin To 401K Accounts

Hawkish Fed Sends Bitcoin Plummeting

Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches All Time High

Popular Game Hack Also Mining BTC In Background

First Bitcoin Citadels?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Rules Without Rulers

When Govt’s Go Bankrupt

Bank of Canada Study: Bitcoiners tend to be young, high-earners, with poor financial literacy. 🤡

Bears Calling For $31k

Mallers On Lightning’s Superiority To Existing Payment Rails


Australian Bitcoin ETF To Go Live Next Week

Nasdaq Exec: Survey Shows Growing Demand For Bitcoin ETF

CEO VanEck: ETF Unlikey

Spot ETF Would Bring Institutional Money

Pre-Loaded Anonymous Bitcoin Debit Cards?

Do You Need A Privacy Phone?

Easy Guide For Whirlpooling Coins And Protecting Your Privacy

Whirlpool On Your Desktop Easily

How The Feds Handle Seized BTC

Blackrock CIO Calls BTC A Durable Asset

Paypal Finally Allowing BTC Withdrawals

Fiat Marriages?

Michael Saylor Bitcoin News Drudge Report

Saylor: Bitcoin Is The Most Certain Thing In An Uncertain World

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Crashes Are The Best Time To Get Rich

White House Directs Policy To Address BTC Mining Energy Use

Dark Moon: The Inevitable Collapse Of Luna

Is Bitcoin The Next Nasdaq?

Mining Difficulty Sees Largest Drop In Almost A Year

Bitcoin To Rise From Terra Crash?

BitMEX Founder Avoids Prison

Follow The Money - Bitcoin In El Salvador Documentary

Coincorner Releases World First NFC + Lightning Card

Grayscale Meets With SEC

US Sanctions Mixer

Coinbase Posts Loss of $430 Million

Are Low Miner Fees A Problem?

NY Moves Closer To PoW Ban

Bitcoin Visits Sub $36 Territory

Podcast on Lightning Bitcoin News Drudge Report

Podcasting On Lightning

“Too much money has been in circulation since 2020 … We didn’t think through the consequences.” – IMF Director Kristalina Georgieva

Silent Payments

Bitcoin Banned Here

Strategies For At Home BTC Mining

WaPo: How To Rage Quit Twitter

Bitcoin Core 23 Released

What It’s Like To Live With 50%+ Inflation

France 24: CAR Αdopts BTC

Did The Central African Republic Actually Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender?

No, MicroStrategy Is Not Selling

Morgan Stanley: Lightning Network Direct Competitor To Visa

Intel’s ASIC Demonstrates Bitcoin Is Too Big To Fail Now

How To Get Job In Bitcoin

Ukraine Bans BTC Purchases With Local Currency

Ireland To Ban Bitcoin In Political Donations

Motley Fool Foolishly Compares Doge To BTC

R.I. Rep. Tobon Calls For “Green Coin”

IMF Recognizes Mining Will Allow Countries To Monetize Energy

EU Officials Considered Banning Bitcoin Trading

A Balanced “Bitcoin Primer” In Legacy News

Bitcoin: The Strongest Weapon In A War Of Ideas

Yellen Warms Up To Bitcoin

Bank of International Settlements: Bitcoin Is Bad

Sanctions Against Russian Miners

EU Targeting “Self-Hosted” Wallets

Wikipedia To Stop Accepting BTC Donations

More Restaurants Accepting Bitcoin

Porsche Dealer Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin Adoption In Africa

BTC On Exchanges At Lowest Point Since Aug. 2018

Ripple CEO Complains About Maxis

Fork Failures

Death Of The Halving Cycle?

Store Your Seed Safely, Securely, and CHEAPLY!

Ruble Now World's Best Performing Currency

Survey Says: Severe VAX Reactions Are Common

Telegram Hands Over User Data

ESG & Green Initiatives To Cause Blackouts This Summer

Which Is Deadlier? Assault Rifles Or Public Schools?

Pfizer Has No Intention To Ever Produce FDA Approved Vax

Even Big Pharma Execs Used Fake Vax Cards

EU Planning Surveillance Of All Private Communications

Peeping Toms: A History Of Surveillance

CDC Purchased Millions Of Americans Location Data For Tracking

Every ISP In America Ordered To Block These Websites

Tails 5.0 Released

The Ministry Of Truth

No You’re Not Crazy – Inflation Is Higher Than 8%

Muscle Mass Key To Longevity – Not Cardio Or “Body-Positive” Self Image

I Finance The Current Thing

Goya Foods CEO: We Are Precipice Of Global Food Shortages

FCC Calls Out Apple's Hypocrisy

Bitcoin Citizen Free Press Global Warming News

Twitter Blocking Ads That Don't Align With Climate Consensus

Climate Solution Found - Simply End Capitalism

ESG Madness: Climate Friendly Military

Operation Thermostat - Next Is Your S9

More ESG FUD In Wyoming

Food Processing Plants Burning Down Across America

Cruz: Bitcoin Is Apolitical

NOT CANCELED: Rogan Gains 2 Million Subscribers Following Controversy

Clown World Bitcoin News Drudge Alternative

Anti Woke Coalition Forming


Woke Disney – Worst Performing Stock Of 2022

Disney 0 – DeSantis 1

Millennials Forced To Save For Retirement Earlier Than Parents

18 Things That Last Longer Than CNN+

Plan For VA Hospitals/Staff To Treat Illegals

Inflationary Hell About To Break Loose

Staggering Number Of Athletes Collapsing On Fields

Fact Checkers Can't Find Any

Fauci Thinks He Should Be Above The Legal System

Is Mask Wearing A Cult?

Even Bill Maher Is Over Masking

Bitcoin Drudge Like News BigTech Censorship

Apple Rolls Out Spy Tech In UK Despite Initial Backlash

Looking For iOS Alternative? Try GrapheneOS

Apple Employees Attempt To Unionize

McDonalds Struggles To Sell Plant Based Burger

Lightning Links